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The Answers You Need

Do you provide meals?

Due to COVID, we do not provide any meals or snacks. Students must bring their lunch box every day with lunch, snacks, and a water bottle.

How much is tuition?

Tuition for the development center is $150 a week and can run higher if you would like to add after-school care from 4 pm to 5 pm. Additionally, if after the consultation, Mrs. Pena determines your child needs classroom intentional intervention services tuition will be increased. 
Tuition for our HOI program is $400 a week. Tuition may be obtained through sponsorships, or donations as we it is a non-profit program.

Does my child have to go the full day or every day?

We recommend children become comfortable with a structured routine that is consistent for their benefit. Becoming familiar with these routines helps them feel at ease and build confidence because they can anticipate what is coming next; however, we do not require parents to bring their child all day or every day. If your child will only attend half a day, it must be in the morning as that is when curriculum time is focused. Regardless of whether or not your child attends every day or only half-day tuition remains the same.

Can my child's therapist go to our facility for their visits?

Therapists are welcomed and encouraged to come to our facility to complete their visits for our enrolled children.

Why do we need to do a consultation to enroll?

It is critical to understand where your child is developmentally in order to understand what our potential goals are for them. In order to baseline their development and place them in the appropriate classroom, we must first determine where they are. Our goal is to meet children where they are at the help build them where they need to be.

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